Formación Docente

Through courses, programs, and platforms for educational use, Plan Ceibal proposes strategies that integrate digital technologies and promote innovative pedagogical approaches within the Red Global de Aprendizajes framework. The strategies developed by the Training Department are aimed at educators, teachers, and students of Teacher Training of the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP).

In addition to courses, workshops and training, and in order to disseminate information on available tools, there is a direct link with the institutions. The Platform Training team advises on the use of the resources (PAM, CREA, Biblioteca Digital Ceibal or Video games Website, among others) by giving support and courses on educational trends, which favor including platforms in the education system.

The Open Educational Resources (REA in Spanish) repository holds multimedia educational materials to be used in different contexts. The REA network promotes that these resources are shared and modified according to teacher needs. There are micro workshops, consisting of short online courses for the production and reuse of REA, as well as a postgraduate diploma in "Practice innovation with the use of open educational resources".

The "Artistas en el aula" and "Científicos en el aula" programs are virtual meeting cycles that use videoconference equipment installed by Plan Ceibal in education institutions, to bring students closer to science and art subjects. Videoconferences become a tool for having access to remote contacts that teachers may want to consider for their classes.

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